Back in December I was out with tianyi_f80 and his badass M3, it was a great night cruising around Melbourne and enjoying the sound of the akrapovic exhaust! hope you guys enjoy the looks of this great looking car! 

Filmed and edited by:  Rani Joensen

Car owner:

 Music: Lookas: Eclipse

The freedom feels you get when you ride at night! A night shoot I did with Jamie and his GSXR around the streets of Melbourne, hope you guys enjoy all the mods Jamie put on to his dope "GIIXR". 

Filmed and edited by: Rani Joensen

Music by: Ooyy

Here are some clips from Melbourne Bike Night Episode #10! The weather forecast said rain, and the turn out was not the best, but some amazing bikes still came, in the end of the event it was windy and raining.

Filmed and edited by: Rani Joensen (RivRevv Media)

 Music by my friend: Aven

The Eastern Plain - Cornelia

This is a music video i recently did for a school project. 

Model: Ólavur Egholm

Here are a few clips from Melbourne bike night episode #8 it had been raining most of the day but still a good turnout from street riders around Melbourne!

Filmed and edited by: Rani Joensen (RivRevv Media)


88 Orbit - _91nova 

Take a Ride - Mai Ligne

This is an event that BMW Drivers Club Melbourne hosted, after having been in lockdown for many months, it's finally time again for car meets. This was a nice day with good coffee and a lot of cool cars! Music by my friend Aven​ Aven: placeholder Aven: destiny

Melbourne Bike Night Episode #8
This video documents a monthly motorcycle meet in Melbourne.